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How To Choose The Best Nursing Shoes For Flat Feet?

Nursing is one of the hardest jobs that require working hard for many hours. As a result, nurses constantly add excessive stress on their feet. They have to spend almost their day standing and walking on their feet. These pains can cause flat feet or low arches. Thus, the best nursing shoes for flat feet can impact your feet positively and back. Here are some features you need to know when you look for the best shoes for flat feet.

Features to Look for in the Best Nursing Shoes

Balance and support
A good pair of nursing shoes is sure to offer the perfect combination of balance and support. Balance and support will protect your feet anytime, even when you run on hard hospital floors.

Comfort and Padding
Nurses need the most comfortable shoes with adequate padding. If your shoes are not equipped padding, they can cause sore feet. This condition is more serious than flat feet. Therefore, padding and comfort always come in together for arch support.

Choose the shoes with the best outsoles to ensure the grip. These shoes must be made of rubber, synthetic or polyurethane. You will get the maximal slip resistance from these three materials. Slip-resistant outsoles allow you to run around the hospital quickly.

You also need to get shoe ventilation. Sure, if you are having low arches or flat feet, you can be at risk of suffering from other foot conditions as athletes foot. The ventilation can not only disorder from developing in your feet but also prevent other potential foot ailments. In fact, a good ventilation system purposes to eliminate bad odor due to lots of airflows.

Features to Look for in the Best Flat Feet Shoes

To check whether your shoes work well for flat feet, you can try bending the sole of the shoes to know the support they offer is enough or not. They will provide the maximal support for your feet if they bend in the toe region, but not in the middle region.

Arch Support
It’s good to look for nursing shoes with abundant arch support to relieve fallen or low arches. In order to check whether the arch support your nursing shoes provide is enough or not, the best way is to twist and torque the shoe. You will know how difficult the shoe is to move as through the way it twists and torques. If it has more difficulties when moving, the arch support it generates will be also more.


Wrap it up, if you are a nurse, the first important thing you need to know is the importance of the best nursing shoes. After reading this article, you see nursing shoes that are most comfortable for flat feet have to have the ability to absorb all impact. Make sure they make you feel comfortable when walking on hard floors of the hospital for a 12-hour shift. They must be sure to offer fully these above features.

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